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Pleasant Welcome to Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

EEE is a subject that naturally partners with other disciplines to open whole new engineering avenues Established in 2002, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Dr.G.U.Pope College of Engineering, the faculty and students work closely together in an open, collegial atmosphere to bring out greater innovations. The EEE Department has been organizing many symposium, guest lectures and the IE and ISTE Chapter. The Department has well equipped lab facilities. The EEE Department prepares students in this field to face the electrical using new-age information and computer-intensive technologies. EEE association ‘AMPS’ is conducted every year and students are motivated to present papers in it.

To develop the department as a center of excellence by taking care of the local and regional needs related to electrical engineering activity and to enrich the knowledge of the students. To mould them to become Entrepreneurs To nurture the students and mould them as well cultured citizen with good human and ethical values.


Our Faculty

Mrs.S. Ananthi, B.E.,M.E

Assistant Professor and HOD

Ms. S. Esther Rajathi,B.E.,M.E

Assistant Professor

Mrs. A. Mary Rosaline B.E.,M.E

Assistant Professor

Ms. R. Priya B.E.,M.E

Assistant Professor

Mr. R. Nagarajan B.E.,M.E

Assistant Professor

Mr. Swinglin Jeevadurai B.E.,M.E

Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor

Mr. S.Pon Jagadeesh M.E

Assistant Professor

Mrs. K. Navamani Thanaselvi BE

Lab Instructor

Mr. Sakthivel

Lab Instructor

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